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A collection of 175 quality pixel fonts, great for games, videos, stream overlays, websites, and more! Watch the trailer above for a preview of everything you'll get.

All the fonts are multilingual and have the following characters:

If you want a plaintext list of all supported characters:


Each font comes with the following assets:

  • a TTF file
  • a preview image and sample text
  • tilesheets with data files & kerning info
  • packed atlases with data files & kerning info

Image files are provided in both PNG and QOI formats, and data files are provided as JSON, XML, and TOML.


The font comes with this license agreement:

You are allowed to use these fonts for your games, websites, stream overlays, or any kind of content you want to create and share. You cannot distribute the font files on their own, or in a way that is intended specifically to grant others access to use them.

You can, however, embed them as a part of your works. For example, they could be distributed as part of a game's assets, or linked in a stylesheet.css on your website, etc.

You may edit the fonts to your liking, but you may not include them (edited or not) as part of a template. If someone else wants to use the fonts, they have to purchase them on their own.


When using the fonts in a graphics editor or rasterizing them in code, make sure:

  • the font is sized to 16
  • antialiasing is turned off

For example, in Photoshop and Aseprite respectively:

Pixel fonts, unlike normal vector fonts, are designed for just one size, they cannot be sizes arbitrarily. Because of this, all the fonts are normalized to size 16. If you want the fonts to be 2x or 3x scale, you can  use those multiple of 16 (32, 48, 64, etc.)


The pack contains 42 font families—many with multiple different styles such as bolditalic, monospace, and different sizes/variations. For example, the font Virtue comes in many styles:

There are fonts of many different styles and genres. Here are some of my favorites:


If you've made a game, website, or video that uses the fonts, please share them here! I love seeing how they're used, and hearing which fonts are people's favorites!

Also, if you have any feedback, find bugs or flaws in the fonts you'd like fixed, post them here as well and I can have them updates very easily.

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Buy Now$99.00 USD or more

In order to download this font pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

pixel-font-megapack-assets.zip 42 MB
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I just purchased the pack but I was wondering, what's the best way to see all of the fonts on one screen to compare them and decide which to use?


I can’t think of a good way to fit 175 fonts on one screen, but you could browse through the “Samples” folder or the “TTF” folder. some PCs show previews of the font if you have the icons enlarged.

Might be cool to somehow generate a huge image that just has a little preview text of every font on it…
might do that when I have time, sounds handy. 

Thanks! I realised that I could just make my Windows explorer window fullscreen and with large icons I could see almost all of them at once. I've gone with habit and chirp for my game!

excellent! happy font browsing! 

These fonts look really, really lovely, though I can't help but notice that there is no support for any of the polish characters apart from ó (those being ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż).

Yes, the only characters supported are the ones in the preview image in the project description. If there is high enough demand I may extend all the fonts with support for more languages.

the fonts, from what I can tell are lacking the character ø/Ø to support Danish.

Yes, if the character is not present in the preview image that shows all the characters in the project description, it will not be in any of the fonts. 

Would it be possible to add said character or would that be too much work considering the sheer number of fonts

It’s a lot of work but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. If there is high enough demand I will do it, but the fonts have to be a bit more profitable than they currently are for me to afford too much of my time on them.

Ultimately, tho, my stance is that the more languages I can support, the better! I just have to juggle many projects right now and have to be careful with my energy. Hopefully I can eventually extend them.

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Tremendous work. Some of these are downright gorgeous. If anybody is on the fence about this pack, it's a bit pricey but you won't find a better one(although with 175 fonts, it works out to around 57 cents per font, which ain't bad). No matter what your games vibe is, there's a font that fits it. (Also, this is the only one I've seen that provides bitmap font data that includes non-ASCII characters and kerning info... real great)

That said, if Chevy is reading these, I have two suggestions for a future version of this (seems unlikely but I didn't expect a second pack either):

1. A more trivial comment is that it also might be worth stripping unnecessary whitespace from the JSON (and probably XML) in the `packed/` folders, so that it can be used more directly.

2. In a future pack, a monospace font with exactly a 1:2 width:height ratio (for example, width=7 height=14 or width=10 height=20) is something that i'd love. Makes rendering easy in traditional roguelike games that have 'tiles' modes. Still, it's pretty minor.

Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of a font with roguelikes in mind, that’s a great idea.

For the JSON/XML, how come you want the whitespace stripped? Is it a load time bottleneck for your tooling? 

I may never need to struggle to find the right pixel font again.

Just bought it and the fonts all look amazing, really just what I needed <3 

Thank you!


This seems like a really good pack, but the $100 price tag kind of puts me off since I’d only use about 1-3 of these fonts

Is there by any chance a way I can purchase a few of these fonts by themselves for a price of like $5-$10 each or no?


I do plan on putting some of the families into individual packs eventually. I just wanted to launch this megapack first.

Ah, alrighty then!

I’ll be there when you launch some of the smaller packs for sure


Update: the individual font families are available now as separate packs you can purchase. You can browse through them on my itch page: https://chevyray.itch.io

Oh, nice! I’ll likely buy one of them in the next few days, thank you!

Normalizing to 16 sounds like a usability improvement over the old pack, but I'm not sure how big the new fonts will be at this default size (in pixels).  How small are the "small" fonts, for example?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but no matter how much reading I do on this subject I can't seem to grasp how font sizes work!

The best way to find out is to either use the sample images that come with the asset pack, or just to type out some text in an image editor and see. When I find the time, I could maybe put together a line-height table for each of the fonts people can use to filter down what they might need.

Ooh, nice. I loved your first pack, may eventually pick this up later for some new projects. Once again looks like really solid work :)

Is there any overlap from your first collection or is this all new?


There is some overlap! Just a couple of the fonts are upgraded versions of fonts from the original pack, with lots of their letters tweaked, way more letters (accents etc.) added, and they also come with more comprehensive kerning tables. 

I consider these V2 of the original fonts. 

By far most of them are completely from scratch though. 

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I'm interested in this! :D

A couple of questions: 
- Do the fonts have, or do you plan to add, Cyrillic character support?
- What's the license? I mean, if I buy the pack, could I modify any font for it to better fit in my game?
Are there any plans for including Asian fonts?

Great job! :D


- they support the characters shown in the description and trailer, so no cyrillic

- i forgot to put the license on this page! i will do so shortly, thanks for the reminder

- no plans to support asian fonts. i do not have a way of assessing the quality of CJK glyphs


okay i have updated the page with a How Can I Use The Fonts? section which answers your question, and also included a link to the license that comes with the pack

Thanks for the fast answers! :)

- So, no plans either for adding cyrillic? Or maybe they could be added in the future?

- I'm afraid that the license is not 100% clear about the question I asked (or at least I am not capable of being 100% sure after reading it ^^U), but for what I think I understood, if I want to use one of the fonts in my game, but I want to alter it a bit to better fit the game, I can do that, am I wrong? (as long as I'm just doing that to use the modified font in my game, and not modifying it to resell the fonts)

Thanks again for your help! ^^


There is no restriction on use for modification, except where it says you aren't allowed to sell your modified copies as originals, that's all! The license just lists restrictions.


Absolutely incredible collection of beautiful fonts. If you bought the first pack, it's everything you'd expect and more. Really incredible quality and so much variation, great preview images too. You can feel the ideas brewing just looking at them - some of them you can just imagine a whole game around them.

holy mother load of fonts!


i sometimes go hard 


absolute banger sequel

pixel fonts 2: boogaloo