It's Finally Here!

After almost 2 years of development, my new pixel font pack is complete!

This time, I've got way more fonts, but also a heavily automated process for developing, tweaking, and updating them. So if anyone finds bugs, weird looking letters, or bad kerning in any of the fonts, they can post it on the itch page and I can have the font fixed and update in minutes.

The pack is at 175 fonts right now, but I will probably slowly add fonts to it over time, filling in some more styles and maybe adding a few new special families. I'm guessing it'll probably cap off around 200 in its lifetime.

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging me to keep working on this over the past year, it's helped keep me motivated and working hard on this insanely colossal project. I look forward to seeing these fonts in your wonderful games, videos, and websites!

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Version 4 Dec 18, 2023

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