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I caused a bug: the X saw the S and @ at the same time. It went for the S and I couldn't direct @ any more, who ran to a corner after getting scared from the X, who for some reason stopped being able to see @. I had to hit Esc to restart manually (and I also never figured out how to get it to go for the S and had to skip this one, lol):


Hello. I think your game is really cool. But I keep having a crash right after I do the second scan in the first level:

Fatal error. System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
   at Gaia.OpenGL.GL.DrawElements(Gaia.OpenGL.PrimitiveType, Int32, Gaia.OpenGL.IndexType, IntPtr)
   at Gaia.OpenGL.GraphicsGL.Draw(Gaia.Engine.Texture, Gaia.Engine.Shader, Gaia.Engine.Mesh, Gaia.Engine.PrimitiveType, Gaia.Engine.BlendMode, Gaia.Engine.RectangleI ByRef)
   at Gaia.Engine.Graphics.Flush()
   at Gaia.Engine.Graphics.End()
   at Gaia.Engine.App.Run(System.String, System.String, System.String, Int32, Int32)
   at Terminal.Game.Run()
   at Terminal.Win.Program.Main(System.String[])

Is there a fix or workaround?


huh, this is the first i’ve seen of this. i can’t address the issue right now, i’m currently crunching to finish up another project.

sorry about that, i wish i could get you a quick fix but atm i have no idea why that would happen.

the only thing i can think of is if you have other software running that is poking at graphics memory, like recording software or another game.


Amazing game, couldn't recommend more. Just wish there'd be some small amount of sound.

spoilers for the game in the comment!

this game was sooo good <3 i was immediately interested when i read the description and the plot really held up to what i expected. 

i was hooked from the beginning :) 

the mechanics are super great and i thought the game's difficulty progressed in a nice way. never felt impossible to do but was still challenging! the last few levels were so difficult, the ones after the CAMO command was introduced omg @.@ 

i actually cried (real tears) during the "epilogue" when you play @ and X a little song and the Noise 1 :'-) i totally didn't expect that name drop 

all together, i loved the game! thank you for making it! 

This game absolutely rules! I've had a similar idea knocking around in my head for years, and could never work out how to make it into an actual game, but this is such an elegant mechanic - imo the best hacking game I've ever played. Wonderfully tense, while not punishing my frequent mistakes too harshly. The ending left me with a tear in my eye and a grin on my face. I'd love to see this idea developed further, it has so much potential.

awesome, really glad you liked it! yeah i'd had this game written out for 5 or 6 years and only finally gotten around to putting it to code.
thanks for playing!

I really really liked this game and the characters!! Who knew Unicode characters could make me feel such an array of emotions

Absolutely fantastic experience. Everything was so well balanced, so intriguing and so exciting! Thank you for this wonderful game <3

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Absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed the unique control scheme, and it never felt like it was getting old (although I can see how a slow typer could get very frustrated).

The story was cute and well-executed. I was really invested the whole way through. I especially liked some of the smaller details, like how a character later in the story destroys noisy terminals instead of just turning them off. It’s a small thing, but I thought it was really neat.

Ran nicely under wine, which is great.

I did run into one bug: if you manage the doors too well in the last level (where you’re shooting all the guards), the guards can form little traffic jams, and the guards don’t start moving again after the doors open. I had to restart the level in order to kill all of them and progress.


What an excellent, tense, dramatic experience! After each of those later levels, I kept hoping there would be no more, my nerves were so shot! A couple of times I even found myself yelling "GO!!" at the tiny @. Very well done, enjoyed every minute, and the length felt perfect. Now to let my poor shaking hands recover.

Also runs great under wine on linux.


Truly a beautiful experience.
The concept, the plot, the feelings I had just by seeing some ascii characters move and flicker is something unique.

With just an "@" and an "x" you made me feel sad, angry, relieved, glad. Even with no music at all.

You've conveyed all this with just "some" text. You've got the spark. Keep it up.

11/10 would like to see more.
100% recommended.

loved it! NEED to know more of the story

I love this game. The mechanicks, the plot the design. Everything about it. Best game One of the best games I've played. Good job.


This game has NO BUSINESS being as good as it is. I almost cried like twice over a little flickering @ and X. 


im a sucker for non-straight romance <3 (i hate heteros)


aww thanks! glad you enjoyed it : D

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I got a little ways into this game on my stream, and enjoyed every second. Very much looking forward to finishing this game up, fantastic aesthetics, well-thought mechanics enabling that aesthetic. Overall, a fantastic game! Glad to see you're considering adding music or sound, that'd address the only shortcoming I've spotted so far! Even just some ascii-bell like beeps on successful actions would be fantastic.

thanks for playing! yeah you should be able to finish it in a few hours.

This was an absolutely amazing experience.

The plot moved me to tears.

The title drop at the end made my heart melt.

I'm glad I played this :)

aww that's great to hear! : )

I'm really surprised with the quality and the uniqueness of this game. Thank you for this amazing game, dev.


glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

What a cute idea! This entry would do well with some sound effects and background music :)

i agree! hopefully after my main project is done i can come back to this and maybe add some music and sound to it :) i think it’d add a lot.

i love this so much, i'm so happy it got included in the bundle and that i got to play it! also always thrilling to see characters go by they/them pronouns, cheers for that also :) :) 

thank you! glad you enjoyed it :)


can you make this a roguelike with procedurally generated levels?


i'm busy finishing right now, but that'd be pretty cool

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The game just closes after finishing second level, and if I start it back again and press L (to load) it closes again.
Any ideas what might be the problem?

(happens both in fulscreen and in window)

EDIT: This might be related to the problem that was mentioned earlier, since I have my language settings set to Polish (well, the system is in english, but the "format" settings are polish), which uses comma as decimal separator, but I thought that was fixed already.

EDIT2: Can confirm that changing the separator fixed it. So I guess that patch didn't fix it on the game side.

I probably implemented the patch incorrectly. I just uploaded VER. 1.005, which hopefully fixes this, if you want to download the latest version and give it a try. When you run the game, it should say v0.005 on the title screen.

Seems to work now. Thanks!

aww yes!! glad to hear


this game was incredible from start to finish, and I loved every moment of it!


wow, thank you! glad you enjoyed it :)

Any way for a linux port? this game looks interesting :)

It works flawlessly under WINE.

yes, unfortunately that's the only option at the moment. i've had offers to help port it to linux, which I will probably accept later, but i am currently finishing another game and don't have the time to do one myself.

There’s one problem under WINE actually. When switching to a different window out of fullscreen mode, the game stops rendering anything when you switch back to the window. The solution is to switch to windowed mode.


oh cool thanks for the heads up. if i spot anybody else having that problem i’ll let them know your temp solution. thanks for posting it here!


The bug with locales using commas as floating point separators is still not fixed (the one that crashes the game when it loads guards in some levels). I've managed to fix it by replacing all dot separated floats in level JSONs with comma separated ones. My advice on how to fix this permanently is to use Convert.ToSingle(STRING, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) instead of Convert.ToSingle(STRING) while still using dot separated float values in JSONs.

BTW very enjoyable game.


I've just uploaded a build (Ver 1.005) which hopefully fixes this. If you haven't completed it yet and would like to give the new build a try, feel welcome.

Also, thanks!

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i didnt realize reviews arent public, so i am putting this here too in case anyone looking at this page is curious about noise1. play this game!! you will be glad you did!! but you have to type fast!!

my review:

noise1 is an absolutely incredible game!! it took me about 2.5 hours to finish and i loved every moment. youve gotta think on your feet my heart was POUNDING. story even made me tear up a bit, it was very tender and sweet. plus everyone uses they/them. thembo rights. but for real, wow, i am stunned and im recommending this to all of my friends. im so glad i found noise1, i really loved it to bits, like i seriously cannot properly express just how much i loved this game. im so glad this was in the bundle, as its an experience i would have probably missed out on otherwise. thank you for this game, what a privilege it was to play!!


thank you so much for the super kind review <3

i'm super glad the game evoked such strong emotions for you. also, thanks for playing this in a bundle with over a thousand other games hahaha

I dare say "It's a master piece!"

Never thought an ascii game could be tense enough to get my heart pounding!

Loved that it really does make you feel like a hacker and how realistic it actually is!

I'm definitely playing this again once I've forgotten how to solve the puzzles!!!

thank's so much! i'm glad you liked it. even i forgot how to solve some of the puzzles, and i only released it a few months ago lol

incredible game! a clear concept executed carefully. I love nethack and have often wished for a more 'cinematic' type of game in ascii. great job

thanks you! glad you liked it


Thank you for letting me save these two wonderful thembos from their dumb tankie ex-friend. Great game.

thank you for saving my BBs

I skipped it. Now I can't skip back.

Also the engine room resets the level after dies. Is that the intended ending?

Deleted 3 years ago


that wasn't the ending. You were supposed to tell him to stop instead of go until he realises there's another way

Oh hey, I was wondering what would have happened if I’d said GO. Thanks

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The level before the engine.

I was found by the thing but it ate S and the game was softlocked (I was froze to the right of C and X continues to move). Race condition bug?

I couldn't beat that level because of that. Or maybe I'm solving it wrong.

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YES. Reminds me of ZZT World or something like that. But better.

The story seems like FRANXX so far.

that's pretty high praise, thank you!

i got this in the bundle and it's the first game i played :D i love the aesthetic and the puzzle-solving!! it's so good. thank u for making such a fun game!! 

aw, thanks for playing! awesome that it was the first you picked out haha. i hope you're enjoying the other games in the bundle as well.

hi! I recently bought this game in the big bundle and i'm really enjoying it! however, one of the levels seems to not be loading correctly, as in, it's just the little @ sign waiting in a room and it won't accept commands (it's during the quarantine part). is this intentional, like, does the player have to guess some hidden password, or is it a bug?

If I recall correctly, one of the levels starts out that way and you need to scan or ping to get @'s attention.


this is almost certainly the case, here. the game will occasionally not tell you what to do, or try to trick you up. it's me experimenting with agency and player expectations, but unfortunately, due to the nature and aesthetic of the game, it can sometimes seem like the game is broken lol

Got the game in the big bundle, the description and ASCII art caught my eye so it was one of the first I played. Truly loved it, amazed at what you were able to do with such a simple interface both gameplay and story-wise. Only had to skip 1 level in the laboratory that either involved very precise timing or I was unable to figure out correctly! 

<3 thanks for making a good game.


oh wow thank you! yeah some of the levels are a bit tricky, and the difficulty curve is a bit wacky sometimes.

glad you enjoyed it!

Fun game, I played through the entire game in a little over two hours. The frantic command line typing reminds me a little of Duskers, but this truely is a unique game of it's own.

I liked how each character's dialog had different formatting. That was a nice touch to make the characters distinct.

thanks! glad you enjoyed it, and also glad you enjoyed the little visual flairs :)


Amazing game! Every new feature and step along the way kept me involved and super entertained. 

One small wish for a further update: just a little sound, maybe when the player does a certain 'noise 1'...

yeaaaah! i would love it if the game had sound. i made the whole thing in quite a short period of time, and i had to get back to work on my main project (, so i didn't have time to create+implement sound.

it might be nice to do a Version 2.000 later on and add sound


Really enjoyed this game! The puzzles were challenging without feeling unfair, and I liked the writing. Pairs well with the Hacknet soundtrack!

haha thanks! listening to a hacky soundtrack while playing is a really good idea! :)

Hey! Not working on Windows 10 Pro 1903. All I got is black screen and white rectangle in center. After that game quits. Let me know if I can be of help.

Hello! I have also the same problem (Windows 10). I ran the game from the command line and it gave me this output:

For me, it seems like it failed to parse a number from a JSON object. But maybe it's not the case for you.

I got the error with JSON running from the console as well. If I run it directly it's the black screen and white rectangle.

i’ll try to upload a fix for this today and post back here when it’s uploaded

Can you try updating the game and running it again? My theory is that you are in a country whose system defaults to using comma decimals, which would break my JSON loader. I added a fix for this and would like to know if it works!

You did it! It works! Good job.

awesome! thanks for replying and updating me

Can you try updating the game and running it again? My theory is that you are in a country whose system defaults to using comma decimals, which would break my JSON loader. I added a fix for this and would like to know if it works!

It works for me too!

I am indeed from a region that uses comma decimals.

Thank you!

Update: I ran into a new problem :(

The first 2 levels run fine, but after the 3rd one is loaded, the game crashes.


Same issue here.

(1 edit)

I'm having the same issue.

Is there a fix?
edit: changed the formatting to Canadian English in Windows settings. All fine now.

This is pretty great! Couple of puzzles ended up being quite a few tries despite knowing exactly what to do, but generally I enjoyed the style and the atmosphere a great deal.

Odd question, though - trying to avoid spoilers as best I can, I've been asked for a song. I have no idea what to do. Just an endlessly blinking cursor and no progress, no idea what I should be doing for that request. There's not even any sound in the game anyway! Am I missing something obvious?

the answer is in the title

God dammnit I can't believe I didn't try that command.


Ahoy! I've tried to run the game several times without any luck. All I get is a blank screen. Pressing F minimizes the window or restores fullscreen. No audio, nothing.

Any ideas?

can you give me any information about what OS you’re running? 

Windows 10 Pro 1909, Dell XPS 13 9370.

Sorry, I didn't realize you added a mac build.

if you have a mac apparently it only works if launched *from* the app (even on catalina)

have you had a chance to try it with mac yet? i'm worried that you bought the game and never got to play it (in which case i can look into refunding you)

Howdy! I do not have a Mac. Sorry for the confusion and delay in reply (was traveling for work).

So far I haven't been able to play it. But I haven't lost hope. I'll try on my desktop computer, and I'll try from the itch client instead of by direct download and see if it works. :D
If there is anything I can do to help you diagnose the problem just let me know! :D

Welp, no luck on the desktop computer (also Windows 10 Pro). 

Tried it from the Itch app as well as running it directly.

If I run it directly I see a window saying it's downloading some plugins and creating a tmp directory. But otherwise that's it.

'Q' exits, 'F' toggles fullscreen. Am I just dumb? Is this just how it starts? O.o

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