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Played this game when I first got it in 2020, just replayed it today, and I am yet again wowed at the beauty this game is and creates! It is a fantastic story combined with fun and interesting and challenging game play. Both times I've played it I've imagined myself as a far off space captain helping @ through their escape because the story is just so immersive! 10/10 knocks it out of the park

i think i left a comment on here a few years back, but man i love this game

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This game caught me very off guard with how good it was. I was scrolling through the typing game section and decided to give this a try since I liked the ASCII art and then sunk multiple hours into it. The precise yet rewarding gameplay was amazing, and I loved that it kept adding more and more mechanics as it went on. I've never really enjoyed stealth games, but this one was absolutely amazing. Genuinely impressive with a decent story to go along with it, would definitely recommend although it is very challenging.

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Simply exquisite!

Stealth is my favorite game genre. And I think there's so few takes as fresh as this!

The "2nd person" perspective is on point for a reinterpretation of the usual "intel gathering > time it > execution" game loop. It seemed to aleviate the player of the ironic robotic precision that avatar bodies tend to assume on this context.

The fact that the basic terminal hacking gui actually leads to the ascii presentation is what seals the whole deal. Not only it solves the ever present need for clear information for communicating stealth challenge, but it also creates a mystique suited for the narrative presented; We get to care for the characters motivations, we get to know the place and opposition, while the minutia of any other art direction with higher fidelity is dispensed. It is distant but warm.


Hey sorry I didn’t see this until now. This is a really nice review, thank you. 2nd person is definitely sketchy ground for game designers, with good reason, so it was nice to be able to explore it in a small experimental project like this.


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this game is amazing, it's the perfect mix of quirky interface, adrenaline inducing gameplay and a cute story. It has nice level design, difficulty increases at a perfect pace... I really enjoyed this a lot, thanks for making this game <3

It could really use a soundtrack tho, I played a minimal uptempo techno mix in the background it really helped bring the atmosphere to the next level

I run it on wine and it worked correctly (unless there actually is a soundtrack, in that case audio doesn't work on linux :P )

I can't get the game to run using wine on linux. Is there a specific version that I need?

0040:err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception stack overflow 1808 bytes in thread 0040 addr 0x7bc49485 stack 0x1208f0 (0x120000-0x121000-0x2a0000)

I love this game. It's the first game where I don't hate the people I'm supposed to protect :)

Cool game, it took 3 hours for me to finish (with some little breaks). Even if it's an ascii game, it's well built. Also very challenging and difficult, but I beat it anyways. Some commands work on end screen, idk if it's meant to work like that.


Great, but I do not know what to do when x asks for music in the escape pod. What do I do

noise command

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My thoughts on this short-but-sweet game:

Love the thematic elements that used the ASCII display in unexpected ways -- the styling was great; despite everything rendered by mono-spaced characters (Dwarf Fortress, anybody?) everything always felt very fluid.

As for the gameplay, it always evolved without overstaying its welcome. New mechanics were seamlessly integrated without feeling like an afterthought and none felt needlessly tedious.

Some of the later levels were quite tough, not because of the planning involved behind the puzzles, but because the lasers led for some VERY short windows of opportunity. I have a very fast typing speed and even I had to retry a few times.

The worldbuilding is great and the ending left me craving for more about the scenario. The characters do feel like real personalities, although at times they seemed a bit hackneyed. But I feel like that's more of a subjective bias on my end.

I'm not sure if the concept would hold water if made into a full game. But for its current length: just perfect! Thank you for this experience!

I Have Very Fun

Thank You So Much.....

Incredible game! Came in not expecting too much, but ended up with some fun gameplay, challenge, and a nice little story. 

Only issue I had was lack of sound, though I don't know if that was a bug or not.

amazing idea! love it! 

10/10, clever gameplay idea, awesome graphics execution

also made me feel things

the game is cool but esc should be "delete all" and not leave, holding esc however

Amazing adventure, thank you for this! I don't know if it improved my typing speed but I sure have panicked more than I should in some sections

The version of Windows does not work for me, I thought it was for my PC, but I tried it on another and it did not work either, what can I do?

I'm loving this. Real quick, does the game have any sound?


its beautiful - only complaint is that it ends

I loved this game.

In terms of gameplay, it's more of a timing and typing game than a puzzle game, but it is really well made, and a lot of thought was put in renewing how we approach the levels. There are many twists that will recontextualize every elements of the level, for example quards being able to open doors, the X 'monster' being able to kill other guards or even Hunter which changes the game entirely thanks to RNG.

I really loved the story bits and other setpieces making me interract with the characters, making them more than just gameplay elements, which played a big part in setting the tone of the game. The story was fairly cliché, nothing surprised me, but I believe it was with intent, reinforcing the idea of getting back to the time where we started seeing on cinema hackers typing random shit on green on their big square laptops. And I still ended up carring about the story, and litterally 'playing along' thanks to the writing.

Also quick thanks for not having any weird characters anywhere to type. As someone on azerty keyboard, I sometimes have trouble with these kind of games made for qwerty.

Also another quick thanks for taking your time to work around how to integrate in-game explainations for why each command exists, and how you can interract with the characters, it really helped me with immersion.

I do not know how to conclude, as this comment is mostly just dumping why I think this game is amazing.

Please play it.

The game crashes very often in main menu and early gameplay

I really enjoyed this game, though I had absolutely zero audio the whole way through, was that normal or was my game bugged out?

I really really like the look of this game, but it keeps kicking me out at seemingly random times.

Is anybody else having this issue, or does anybody know what I can do to resolve it?


This game is AWESOME! Not enough well made stealth games! Love the graphics, gameplay makes me feel like a hacker from a 90's movie, and the story is excellent! Emotionally invested in an '@' and 'X'. The cutscene in the quarantine area is really well done! More people need to play this game!


this game is absolutely wonderful! so much good from such a simple concept, will be telling all my friends about it!



This is such a great idea for a game! The minimalist approach really let my imagination visualize everything. Thanks for including the ability to skip, I love the idea but I'm nowhere near fast enough to play this.

Very interesting so-far, this is going to be fun

um... why does the pathing restrict me from running straight to door F?


AMAZING game, really, just. Phenomenal.


Absolute banger.  Genuinely furious more people have not played this

Thank you so much for submitting NOISE 1 to the bundle for racial justice and equality! I've been reviewing games for my indie gaming site from the bundle and stumbled across NOISE 1. I loved the way you made this game! 

Full Review is here in case you're interested:

Your game is amazing

I'm from Perú, thank you for this amazing experience for real.

I really like the game, but I put it down for a few days and can't remember the command to toggle the lasers. Can somebody remind me? An in-game HELP or command list would also be greatly appreciated :)

I really felt for x and @

I went fully sweaty tryhard near the end there. This was a lot of fun!

This was really fun and interesting! I need more typing-based puzzle games.

This was really good!! I only played it once-are there two endings?

it is quite interesting and also really fun.

Amazing little game. So simple, yet challenging! Definitely got really frustrated on some levels, but that’s more a my skill level versus the game design itself…(I can’t type without looking at the keys, so I had to memorize the routes and do them basically blind on timing alone) Thank you for adding a skip function! I’m a big fan of storytelling done in a one-way system like this, but it can get boring if it’s just paragraphs upon paragraphs. Having short sentence bursts with the added tension of the puzzles kept it fresh and made me want to figure out the puzzles to read more. The realistic way the dialogue was written had me hooked from the first screen. The only “bad” thing for me was the instant way the conversation replied after a ping, with no time for “real typing” of a reply. But, I assume that has to do with the way the game itself needs to function for the puzzles to work, so I can’t even really complain about it. Overall 10/10 curse my shaky hands and poor typing skills.

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