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Thank you so much for submitting NOISE 1 to the bundle for racial justice and equality! I've been reviewing games for my indie gaming site from the bundle and stumbled across NOISE 1. I loved the way you made this game! 

Full Review is here in case you're interested:

Your game is amazing

I'm from Perú, thank you for this amazing experience for real.

I really like the game, but I put it down for a few days and can't remember the command to toggle the lasers. Can somebody remind me? An in-game HELP or command list would also be greatly appreciated :)

I really felt for x and @

I went fully sweaty tryhard near the end there. This was a lot of fun!

This was really fun and interesting! I need more typing-based puzzle games.

This was really good!! I only played it once-are there two endings?

it is quite interesting and also really fun.

Amazing little game. So simple, yet challenging! Definitely got really frustrated on some levels, but that’s more a my skill level versus the game design itself…(I can’t type without looking at the keys, so I had to memorize the routes and do them basically blind on timing alone) Thank you for adding a skip function! I’m a big fan of storytelling done in a one-way system like this, but it can get boring if it’s just paragraphs upon paragraphs. Having short sentence bursts with the added tension of the puzzles kept it fresh and made me want to figure out the puzzles to read more. The realistic way the dialogue was written had me hooked from the first screen. The only “bad” thing for me was the instant way the conversation replied after a ping, with no time for “real typing” of a reply. But, I assume that has to do with the way the game itself needs to function for the puzzles to work, so I can’t even really complain about it. Overall 10/10 curse my shaky hands and poor typing skills.

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The most jarring aspect about some of the console/terminal based games is that they just do not behave like actual terminals. When I press 'up' on a keyboard, more often than not I want it to move to the previous command that I typed instead of moving text in the terminal. 

Would be incredible if there was an option to enable the authentic behavior. Feels quite eh to play otherwise. 


yeah, a couple folks here and there have requested this. i didn't add it cuz it didn't seem like it'd be particularly useful (maybe like, a little bit), and didn't seem too fun. but it'd be mostly harmless to add, so maybe if i ever do an update i'll drop that feature in for kicks.

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That game is amazing! Super fun to play, it has the right balance between puzzle and action in my opinion. The difficulty is nice too (for me at least), not too easy (I had trouble on some levels) but not too hard (it never really got frustrating and I never had to SKIP)

The story is good as well and I really like how the characters are written (you really get involved and want them to succeed)

The gameplay at the ending was very fun, I love how you found unique ways to change how it works while keeping the same global idea and just changing some elements

Overall, a really great game.

This is quite fun and sucked me in for several levels in a row. I love the growing difficulty and expanded tactics.

This game rules.

The game keeps crashing midway through the first level (at least a half dozen times so far) due to a "Fatal error. System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory". I took a screenshot that I'll include here as it has a lot of text afterwards:

Now I am running this on Windows 7 so it may just be a simple "don't run on that, sorry" situation, but I figure no harm in asking if anyone knows a fix for this.

FWIW the first half of the first level seemed pretty neat! :)

I was not expecting such good gameplay out of this. The work done here, exploring all these mechanics, was super well made. I am so glad to have given a chance to this game, it was worth it! Thank you!

I had no idea what to expect from this, but it's a fun game which deserves some attention. 

I think the hacking theme works well here too. As someone who can't code at all, frantically typing commands to manipulate security systems while my ally dashes through does give me that tv/movie hacker feel. 

I didn't really know what to expect from this, and I was very pleased with it. This is exactly the kind of game I like, a mechanically novel game with a great story that has a distinct atmosphere and style, which is a real feat given it's all displayed in unicode. The shorter runtime allows each puzzle to feel unique and the story to feel concise and satisfying, with just enough left to the imagination.

Got this in a bundle. The engagement and how much you got me to care about those little letter people was really nice, it was a very good game.
Thanks for making it :)

thanks for playing!!

I don't know why, but when i run it i got errors and requests arguments on .exe running. Any suggestions? Win10 x64 pc and not native with windows. I really want to try it :]

Awesome game, it is amazing how simple and engaging this game is! Could you release a pdf with all the commands? The reason is that i am in an advanced level but i didn't play for a while so now i can't remember the commands. (I only remember SCAN and OPEN; is that all? Thanks and congrats!)

This game is honestly fantastic. The length feels nice and it ramps beautifully. I definitely broke a sweat near the end! It works great as is... but like any good game part of me wants more :P

I recommended to my little 13 year old brother. He was kind of hesitant at first but got immediately hooked once he started playing and loved it. Which I think speaks volumes considering he's only really played big budget games like BOTW or Smash on switch!

aw that's awesome! thanks for playing : )

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Amazing game, super easy to empathise and get invested in the story just with the style of writing! And the difficulty level felt just right, never too difficult, but always a challenge in the later levels, makes the emotional payoff feel just right.

Also, anyone looking for a soundtrack to have on in the background while playing, I recommend listening to The Algorithm, really enhanced it imho 𝆕𝆕𝆕

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it

Wow, this is very well made! I'm loving it! 


thank you for playing!

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Man, this game is a masterpiece. From the aesthetics to the actual story, this is good. Went into it expecting it to be like nethack but boy was I wrong, the narrative captured me immediately. Great job man! A got a few questions tho:

1. What engine is this written in?(I'm a fellow game dev and definetely curious on how this is done)

2. If this is a custom engine, then what advice would you give in order to make a game like this? For example, where to start, what language, etc.

(IDK if you will answer this but it is worth a shot, curiosity has no limits)


1. a custom engine written for the game, built on SDL2 and OpenGL
2. i can't recommend any specific learning materials, i've been using SDL2 and OpenGL for many many years before creating this, and it took me a long time to get good at it all

sorry for taking so long to answer. thank you for playing the game, and i'm glad you enjoyed it!


I downloaded this as a part of the blm bundle but i keep forgetting the commands. i really need a way to look at all the commands that i have

Wonderful game, thank you, I loved it! And also thank you for making SKIP command. I skipped some levels, but I'm glad I've experienced rest of the story through gameplay and not by watching somone else play it. 

The levels are puzzle-like, but have a tense/action feeling that you don't find in puzzle games. Overall I enjoyed playing the game and seeing the characters succeed.

The writing was tense and conveyed the emotions of the protagonist in a way that matches up with how you feel after completing each level. However, the story was not engaging because the characters only have goals, not personality.

I felt really cool using the terminal interface, as it had some unique communication things in the beginning, and the parts where your platform is hacked, are surprising. Unfortunately, they didn't use it as much as I expected. This made the typing-to-interact interface a little annoying at the end.

On my computer, the .app works fine without the Itch launcher. I'm using MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

Pretty weird glitch I found:

*contains spoilers*

on ----BRIG----, here is, frame by frame, the path of (S)ecurity guard, when going from terminal 1 to terminal 2:
(I set the links so that they open in a new tab)

(I apparently skipped step 2)

Should seem pretty normal. Now, please note that @ is on the left of X.
Here's what mysteriously happens if @ is on the right of X (easily done by telling X to go to terminal 3, then back to 2):


So... anytime @ is on the right, S seems to... conveniently think NOW is the time to check on terminal 2???

So far, this had been consistent: any time @ was not on the right of terminal 2, S would never go through there. Anytime @ WAS on the right, the whenever S would go in front of terminal 2, he'd do a detour.

Now, I wanted to check if the same thing happened with Terminal 5 and...
Upon marvelling upon how hard it is to go to the lower part of the room, these things happened:
S casually checking terminal 5
S casually checking the... fax????
S casually checking terminal 2 (you may notice that the commands on the right are no longer there. Did I do anything? NO, S CAUGHT ME (us... them... whatev.)! I-DID-NOT-MOVE!)
S, which was midway through... goes BACKWARDS??? [...]

Finally, THIS gem
What is the last one, you ask? I just go caught is all? Notice the lack of commands on the right. I-DID-NOTHING (again). S DECIDED TO GO CHECK THE ROOM!! CASUALLY OPENED THE DOOR AND FOUND ME!

Besides when @ is on the right of X, "these" seem to pretty much only happen when TAB is held/used to speed up everything, so it's maybe linked to that (and the randomness of H's path?) (or I'm just too impatient) Either way, PLEASE don't tell me it's intended behaviour...

I know this was 7 months ago but this is really weird

All these things happened to me too but only when S and Hunter crossed paths (since they can't just phase through each other): if they cross paths before S goes between terminal 2/5 and the room/fax, S decides to check terminal 2/5 instead to clear the path for Hunter, and if they cross paths while S is already halfway through the corridor, he decides to enter the room (or the fax), again, to clear the path for Hunter. If they cross paths while S is almost done crossing the corridor, then S might decide to just cross the entire corridor backwards and then check terminal 2/5 for some reason, or Hunter might decide to wait for S to finish crossing (probably depends on the exact frame they cross paths??? idk)

However in your screenshots it doesn't seem like S and Hunter are crossing paths at all so that's weird

My feelings in a nutshell

-H------------<| @x

Amazing game!

I just downloaded NOISE1 as part of the racial justice bundle.  I love how the game looks.  What game engine did you use (if you don't mind telling), or did you make your own for this game?

i wrote a custom engine for the game in C#/.NET Core

i looooooooooooooved this game! i got it as part of the racial justice bundle, but i think it would be well worth the 10 bucks too. who knew TYPING could be so stressful and so rewarding, all at once? 

I caused a bug: the X saw the S and @ at the same time. It went for the S and I couldn't direct @ any more, who ran to a corner after getting scared from the X, who for some reason stopped being able to see @. I had to hit Esc to restart manually (and I also never figured out how to get it to go for the S and had to skip this one, lol):


Hello. I think your game is really cool. But I keep having a crash right after I do the second scan in the first level:

Fatal error. System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
   at Gaia.OpenGL.GL.DrawElements(Gaia.OpenGL.PrimitiveType, Int32, Gaia.OpenGL.IndexType, IntPtr)
   at Gaia.OpenGL.GraphicsGL.Draw(Gaia.Engine.Texture, Gaia.Engine.Shader, Gaia.Engine.Mesh, Gaia.Engine.PrimitiveType, Gaia.Engine.BlendMode, Gaia.Engine.RectangleI ByRef)
   at Gaia.Engine.Graphics.Flush()
   at Gaia.Engine.Graphics.End()
   at Gaia.Engine.App.Run(System.String, System.String, System.String, Int32, Int32)
   at Terminal.Game.Run()
   at Terminal.Win.Program.Main(System.String[])

Is there a fix or workaround?


huh, this is the first i’ve seen of this. i can’t address the issue right now, i’m currently crunching to finish up another project.

sorry about that, i wish i could get you a quick fix but atm i have no idea why that would happen.

the only thing i can think of is if you have other software running that is poking at graphics memory, like recording software or another game.


Amazing game, couldn't recommend more. Just wish there'd be some small amount of sound.

spoilers for the game in the comment!

this game was sooo good <3 i was immediately interested when i read the description and the plot really held up to what i expected. 

i was hooked from the beginning :) 

the mechanics are super great and i thought the game's difficulty progressed in a nice way. never felt impossible to do but was still challenging! the last few levels were so difficult, the ones after the CAMO command was introduced omg @.@ 

i actually cried (real tears) during the "epilogue" when you play @ and X a little song and the Noise 1 :'-) i totally didn't expect that name drop 

all together, i loved the game! thank you for making it! 

This game absolutely rules! I've had a similar idea knocking around in my head for years, and could never work out how to make it into an actual game, but this is such an elegant mechanic - imo the best hacking game I've ever played. Wonderfully tense, while not punishing my frequent mistakes too harshly. The ending left me with a tear in my eye and a grin on my face. I'd love to see this idea developed further, it has so much potential.

awesome, really glad you liked it! yeah i'd had this game written out for 5 or 6 years and only finally gotten around to putting it to code.
thanks for playing!

I really really liked this game and the characters!! Who knew Unicode characters could make me feel such an array of emotions

Absolutely fantastic experience. Everything was so well balanced, so intriguing and so exciting! Thank you for this wonderful game <3

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Absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed the unique control scheme, and it never felt like it was getting old (although I can see how a slow typer could get very frustrated).

The story was cute and well-executed. I was really invested the whole way through. I especially liked some of the smaller details, like how a character later in the story destroys noisy terminals instead of just turning them off. It’s a small thing, but I thought it was really neat.

Ran nicely under wine, which is great.

I did run into one bug: if you manage the doors too well in the last level (where you’re shooting all the guards), the guards can form little traffic jams, and the guards don’t start moving again after the doors open. I had to restart the level in order to kill all of them and progress.

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