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Beaver is a tiny, uncomplicated pixel font designed to pair well with my other pixel fonts. I noticed that the small versions of the fonts were all pretty similar because there's limited room for expression in 5px-tall characters, and so Beaver was created to play that part. This font can be used for commercial and non-commercial games, videos, stream overlays, websites, and more!

The pack comes with 4 fonts:

  • Beaver
  • Beaver Mono
  • Beaver Upper (Regular, Bold)

Each with the following characters:

If you want a plaintext list of all supported characters:


Each font comes with the following assets:

  • a TTF file
  • a preview image and sample text
  • tilesheets with data files & kerning info
  • packed atlases with data files & kerning info

Image files are provided in both PNG and QOI formats, and data files are provided as JSONXML, and TOML.


These fonts come with this license agreement:

You are allowed to use these fonts for your games, websites, stream overlays, or any kind of content you want to create and share. You cannot distribute the font files on their own, or in a way that is intended specifically to grant others access to use them.

You can, however, embed them as a part of your works. For example, they could be distributed as part of a game's assets, or linked in a stylesheet.css on your website, etc.

You may edit the fonts to your liking, but you may not include them (edited or not) as part of a template. If someone else wants to use the fonts, they have to purchase them on their own.


When using the fonts in a graphics editor or rasterizing them in code, make sure:

  • the font is sized to 16
  • antialiasing is turned off

For example, in Photoshop and Aseprite respectively:

Pixel fonts, unlike normal vector fonts, are designed for just one size, they cannot be sizes arbitrarily. Because of this, all the fonts are normalized to size 16. If you want the fonts to be 2x or 3x scale, you can  use those multiple of 16 (32, 48, 64, etc.)


If you've made a game, website, or video that uses the fonts, please share them here! I love seeing how they're used, and hearing which fonts are people's favorites!

Also, if you have any feedback, find bugs or flaws in the fonts you'd like fixed, post them here as well and I can have them updates very easily.


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