A downloadable asset pack

A collection of 40 stylish ASCII pixel fonts to use in your commercial and non-commercial games, websites, and other projects!

For $20 you get 35 truetype fonts! (24 fonts 11 variations)

If you pay $25 you will get these 5 additional fonts and an Assets package!

The Assets folder contains:

  • All fonts prepared for game engine integration!
  • Rasterized and packed in bitmaps (PNG, TGA, BMP)
  • Descriptor files with font metrics and kerning tables (JSON, XML, TXT)
  • Individually rasterized characters for custom sprite packing

Both price tiers also come with a Unity tutorial on how to get pixel-perfect text.

Here is a list of all the fonts. The $25 tier fonts are marked with an asterisk*

BabyblocksBabyblocks MonoBird SeedBubble Time
ChocolateChocolate MonoClassifiedColumn
Crates*CurseExpressExpress Mono
Headline*LanternLazytownLazytown Mono
Little LeagueLittle League MonoLove BugMagic Book
Oeuf*PicoryPinchPinch Mono
RiseRoundaboutSkullboySkullboy Mono
SoftsquareSoftsquare MonoSlapface*Softsquare Wide
Space Loot*StaplerTentownThicket
Thicket MonoVector MonoThinstixVector

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